Charging (charging shaker)

Charging (charging shaker)

Version 1.1
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Moth charging a charge and pay bills online shopping system that allows you to purchase the system, Irancell charge directly and ordinary charging as well as buying MCI, Talia and there Rightel. Also, pay all bills are paid with the bill code and ID such as (water bill, electricity bill, phone bill, gas bill, fines) of the system is possible.

* Ability to direct charging MCI and Irancell Rightel

* Easy Buy MTN recharge cards, MCI, Talia and Rightel

* Enter the password charging just a click

* Pay bills for water, electricity, gas, landline, mobile phone,

* Easy Call for the end of the period and the first permanent mobile SIM card bill

Buy and pay your bill on app

* Settings Android phones

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