Version ICharge 1.0.5
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Let’s see the speed, the safe and the joy of online and offline charging for/from all Iran’s operators through icharge app, you have free services and support for free, 24/7.
You would also benefit from awesome FREE charges that icharge gave you through game we call it “twister”, the wheel of fortune.
icharge as the oldest online and offline charge store in Iran, provides different experience of smart and secure charging by designing the intelligible user interface, that any one in any ages could easily work with.

Here are some of the features of the app:
-  Buy charge for/from all operators, online/offline.

-  Buy internet packages for/from all operators, online/offline.

-  Paying service bill for/from all operators, online/offline.

-  Query car offense and pay it that time.

-  Donate to charities

-  Gold SIM.

-  Twister, The Wheel of Fortune

-  Personal Account for each user.

-  Activate Offers for/from all operators.

-  Barcode reader to scan bill barcode.

-  Paying All Irancell SIM bill, online/offline.

-  Buy WiMAX, online/offline.

-  Contact us through your app.

-  Track and keep history of your financial transactions

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