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bazgardani rekaveri fail goshiha

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Restore deleted data from phone

Ever happened to you, casually or unwittingly, delete important files, and then looking for ways to restore your deleted files? If so, then the post with you.

When you delete a file from your phone to the phone operating system, the file for you restrict access to the file in the appropriate space and frees memory. While with the free memory space, but if the file has not been overwritten by another file, the phone is still there. To visualize this situation, consider the following example.

Suppose you throw a book into the trash. Trash is emptied by the recycling cars. The company related to recycling, the book that you were disposed of, if not recovery and recycling furnaces are not yet available but incomplete. It is possible that the volume or number of pages are gone. For example, such a process that the operating system does with deleted files. So when you need to restore deleted data like advanced software recovery can help you in restoring your files. It should be noted that deleted data several years depending on various factors can remain in memory even if they are overwritten with other data. In the following

This software as much as they can about calls, text messages, photos, videos and voice their recovery.

Note 4: The required the phone to be routed, but it is better to restore your phone to perform better, are routed.

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