manbarhay amade ramazan

manbarhay amade ramazan

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A plan with an ad during the holy month of Ramadan, which includes more than fifty speakers presented lectures of Khtba’ and suitable to the country during the holy month of Ramadan is propaganda.

Audiences: students and Clergymen is appreciated.

See some of the topics addressed below.
1. The wisdom of fasting
2. pray during Ramadan.
3. Ramadan, the month of familiarity with Quran
4. The practice of inmate during Ramadan tradition
5. Ramadan, spring Quran
6 days of its fall
7. greatness of Ramadan
8. The importance of the day
9. Z · hra night and the Prophet (PBUH)
10 Characteristics of Ramadan
11. The enjoyment of the blessings of Ramadan
12 Night
13. blessings and virtues of Ramadan
14. God's mercy in Ramadan
15. The life of the Holy Eid al-Fitr
16 a month full of obedience and servitude
17 months rescued from fire
18. May the Lord, the God
19 levels of fasting
20. Quran in Ramadan
21 so as to know the night
22. Say goodbye to Ramadan
23. Ali example of purity
And ....
The update will be welcomed by friends of the program.

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