Battery and Clock alert

Battery and Clock alert

Version 3.0
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With this app, extend your battery life.
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If you've been researching a little about battery packs, you'll find that charging a battery is a life-cycle factor.
The recommendations for charging the battery are that the battery should not be completely empty and should not be completely charged.
This program will help you in optimizing your battery life.
By using this app and activating it, when the battery is 90% and up to 10%, if it's not charging, the app warns you to unplug or charge your phone.
In this case, neither your phone's battery is overly charged nor too empty. For this reason, battery life is guaranteed and longer.



* Full, Medium or Empty Battery Image by Image

* Alert when the battery is too full or empty.

* Battery failure or battery life

* Displays the battery charge

* Displays the battery voltage

* Display the temperature of the battery

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