Basalam Social Marketplace

Basalam Social Marketplace

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Basalam is a social marketplace. People from all around Iran have shops in Basalam and sell their products, which are mostly home-made or produced in small workshops. You can buy their products directly from them and recive the products at your door.

You pay securly the total amount of the invoice online when you submit an order, but your money will stay safe with Basalam till the product is delivered to you. After you recieved the product, the money will be transfered to the shop-owner's account.

Basalam has seven major categories of products; food, clothes, health & beauty, cultural products, home appliances, garments, and handicrafts. You can find unique items that are not easily available in every shop.

Basalam is a live and lovely community of buyers and sellers.

They talk to each other and help each other to have a better life, by sharing their buying and selling experience in Basalam. You can join the community NOW! They're waiting for you.

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