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iTaxi+ is a comprehensive passenger transportation service.
This service, which is based on the use of smart phones, facilitates requesting taxi for travelers. To use iTaxi+ software, you only need to have a smart phone and Internet access.
By running the software, the nearest driver will know the request of your service and will arrive in the shortest time and will bring you to the destination.
The cost of requesting a taxi in the iTaxi+ software is much lower than the similar ones and due to drivers assessment system the passenger's safety is much higher during the journey.
Each passenger can evaluate the driver at the end of the trip and give the driver a rating. This will be effective in announcing future services to the driver.
The driver can also choose desired travel request between the requests announced by the system and serve the desired trip.
The driver will also give the passenger a privilege at the end of the journey, which will affect the passenger in granting future discounts.
Each user signing and logging in to the software will have a separate account that can charge it or pay their travel expenses in cash.
Plus in iTaxi+ means other services that will be added to the software one by one.

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