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The jeeb app helps you get access to all the businesses around you, on the one hand, and have a very extensive and permanent advertising campaign for your business.

The jeeb app offers the following features:
1. Increase the profitability and return on your job permanently.
2. Getting to the top of your city list.
3. Keep a page of your taste that is always on the list.
4. To declare your discounts on up-to-date information to all your customers
5. Provide feedback to all businesses by customers and vendors
6. Increase your advertising effectiveness on social networks
7.To place your office / shop / shop photo on your page to attract more customers
8. The exact location of your business on your personal page
9. Take care of all your business or business competitors that you were looking for.

:::This app is designed for Khuzestan province only:::
And many other features you can use with this app
Take advantage of it.
::be seen differently with jeeb app::

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