azmoon va amozesh ranandegi

azmoon va amozesh ranandegi

Version 9.1.0
5000 Tomans
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 17 MB
Last Update 2018 July 14
azmoon va amozesh ranandegi

azmoon va amozesh ranandegi

Mehdi Seydi
Version 9.1.0
5000 Tomans
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 17 MB
Last Update 2018 July 14
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Education and full manual driving

      ■ The most complete beginner to professional driver training program

      ■ with diverse features and attractive

      ■ training and techniques in terms of three parts: "Beginner", "Professional" and "professional"

      ■ perfect driving test questions Regulations

      ■ Complete list of signs, driving

      ■ Last year, traffic offenses cash rate list

      ■ along with professional driving techniques (Drift - Power Shifting - Dou Not - rolling with the handbrake and ...)

      ■ more than 100 tutorials, tips and assistance with travel and roads

The titles of some of the contents of the program are as follows:

* Basic training includes:

   - Driver training - preliminary discussion

   - Education is a prerequisite for driving skills

   - Introduction to automotive interior systems

   - Draw gear and reverse gear Urban

   - Identify vehicle blind spots

   - Tasks before moving (Skadrat)

   - Pedal operation and co-ordination between them.

   - Turn on the drive

   - Training bypass the two Frmanh and a Frmanh

   - Training the tortoise (cm)

   - Control, trick-making and clutch applications

   - The Stop and go

   - Education Park next to the table

   - Teach a half clutch or clutch engaged

   - Learn to move with reverse gear

   - Move between the lines Urban

   - City test

   - Training parallel parking

   - Best take command

* Professional training includes:

   - How to be a good driver?

   - How to become a professional in the half clutch?

   - How do we lead?

   - Move the overtaking lane

   - Angry driver

   - Important Tips on safe driving

   - Why traffic violations?

   - Common mistakes in driving

   - Driving on rainy days

   - How to change the windshield wiper?

   - The rear brake lights

   - How to change the flat tire cars?

   - Recommendations for better park the car

   - Quickly go

   - Stopping distance

   - Car Mounting a safety point

   - Car Wash

   - Move smoothly

   - Driving on the narrow streets

   - Exit the parking

   - Safety of children and pregnant women

   - How to avoid boiling car?

   - Practical tips about Antifreeze

   - Inhibition of cars using engine power

   - Bus

   - Turn off fast cars

   - Ways to overcome sleepiness and fatigue

   - Use mobile phone driving

   - If the car brakes not, what is the best course of action?

   - Methods of prevention of vehicle theft

   - How and when our gasoline?

   - speed bump

   - The impact of changing the spark plugs in cars

* Professional education include:

   - Techniques Power Shifting

   - Heel And toe technique

   - Engineering Bern in August

   - Techniques Dou Not

   - Heel Toe Shifting Techniques

   - Power Over techniques

   - Clutch Kick technique

   - Shift Lock Drift techniques

   - Techniques Dirt Drop Drift

   - Techniques E Brake Drift

   - Feint Drift techniques

   - Technique Jump Drift

   - Braking Drift techniques

   - Emergency Brake Drift techniques

   - Technique Long Slide Drift

   - Swaying Drift techniques

   - FF Drift techniques

   - Engineering Kansei Drift

   - Rolling with the handbrake

* Symptoms driving

* Questions Regulations

* Rate of traffic offenses


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