Amira 24 _ Customers

Amira 24 _ Customers

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Amyre 24: Home and Vehicle Home and Home Services

Install the free AMAIR 24 application and easily register any application you are looking for.

Amyard 24 currently serves approximately 72 different disciplines and specializations.

To learn more, we will examine the main categories:

* Electricity and grids (including all electric appliances and ...)

* Installation and repair of home appliances (including repair of refrigerators and household appliances, etc.)

* Small electrical appliances repair (including digital and vacuum cleaner repair and ...)

* WATER AND WASTEWATER (All piping and leak detection items ...)

* Welding (including forging and ...)

* Building insulation (including Nano insulation and insulation)

* Cooling and heating (Cooler and duct and heaters and fireplaces and ...)

* Regulatory protection and control door (camera and alarm and ...)

* Doors and windows (upvc doors and ...)

* Elevator Facilities (Service Contract and Troubleshooting, etc.)

* Decoration (wallpapering and wallpapers and ...)

* Spraying (Spraying Places)

* Repair (ceramic plaster, etc.)

* Vehicle (battery and motor adjustment, etc.)

If you needed advice or advice before you registered, or you needed support after completing the application.

Please call the company's five-digit number:


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