Equation Calculator Solver +

Equation Calculator Solver +

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Over 30 unique and functional ability in mathematical problem solving Features:

1. Calculation of the derivative

1-1-calculate the derivative of

2-1-calculate the derivative at Xo

3-1-derived formulas

4-1-formulas, too

2. Calculate the integral

1-2-calculate the definite integral functions

2-2-see hundreds integral formula

3-solving method Gauss

1-3-solving 30 unknowns by Gauss

2-3-solving education Gauss


4-solving by Cramer

1-4-solving 2 by 2 by Kramer 3 3

2-4-solving by Cramer  3 3

3-4-array matrix coefficients device

4-4-training method to solve the system Kramer

5. Solve the equation 2 and 3

1-5-solving quadratic equation 2

2-5-solving quadratic equation 3

3-5-delta calculation equations

4-5-training method to solve the equations

6-equation F (x) = 0

1-6-equation F (x) = 0 by the Newton-Raphson iterative algorithm

2-6-teaching Newton Raphson

7-solving inequality

1-7-solving inequality Grade 2 <=> 0

2-7-calculate the degree of inequality Delta 2

3-7-solving education Ma'ale Grade 2


8-set mark

1-8-set mark algebraic functions, Mslslty and ...

2-8-training method of determining the sign of some functions

9-interpolation Newton

1-9-interpolated by polynomial Newton algorithm is divided divination

2-9-see Difference divided

3-9-predicted value of y with respect to x and y values ​​of the current

10-linear least square regression

1-10-linear function is calculated according to a least squares curve fitting algorithms

2-10-invoices regression (slope, intercept, error, angle and correlation coefficient)

3-10-learning curve fitting

11-calculate the tangent

1-11-calculate the tangent function at the point Xo 2-11-training method of calculating tangent

12-functions used in the program: Algebraic functions and deficit And hyperbolic trigonometric functions Exponential and Radical Component functions correctly, the absolute ceiling

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