DIY Popsockets

DIY Popsockets

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Popsocket is a device that is attached to the back of your phone or case. It is more convenient to hold the gadget in your hand, make perfect selfies.
It can be used as a stand or to wind the headphones on it. In other words , it is a very useful and multifunctional thing.
DIY Popsockets are instructions on how to make this thing from scratch using simple and affordable materials.
Here you will find ideas how to make it from a plastic bottle, from the cover or a suction-cup, popsocket squish and more...

Smartphone with unusual and striking popsocket is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A variety of removable parts will create your mood every day and surprise others!

Looking for options of what to make an interesting gift? And even here our application will throw you a couple of ideas!

Creative work is always an exciting process, try it yourself.

App DIY Popsockets free and does not require access to the Internet!

Bright mood and positive! Sincerely, Smart Room Apps

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