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A secretary in every sense!

   Have someone call you, but for various reasons you can not answer this? Have you ever hand phone, but want a bad message to everyone who is anybody call you? And ever want Hato annoying block of taking you back you that I take? Yes! Take other of taking back! All of these things help message was secretary has ever wanted to get! That's like driving concrete situations that you can not answer the call badly hit with one-click message, even when all your phone is automatically hands off you can tell him to Tmas·hat message (the message you give him) and even numbers annoying her Hato I call you knock Nzarh or totally bad to tell him to tell him any contact with you while you establish a blocked field goal!

Special features and lovely:

◄ ability to add unlimited custom message to send manual

◄ configurable default message for auto mode

◄ blocking an infinite number of arbitrary

◄ block all calls

◄ special design and eye-catching

◄ personalized in different parts of the program

No advertising ◄

◄ many settings

Share your opinions. (All requests except where they have negative aspects, if necessary, will be added to the program!)

Note: For Bhbvd application performance, so the changes within the program, it is clear from the interim.

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