One-man Battalion

One-man Battalion

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In His Name

This 3D first person shooter game is in the memory of the great martyr "Abdel Rasul Zarin".

Baathi army is attacking Hoveyzeh and is trying to occupy our land. Brave soldiers are trying in guerrilla warfare to stop this barbarian attack. 

You, the one-man battalion must stand alone against the baathi troops and try to hold them up as much as you can.

In this game you have the accessibility to fourteen different weapons and can play in four different maps.

You can use your in-game map to locate and eliminate enemy troops.

The maps "Nakhlistan" and "Rafie" are graphically heavier than the other maps especially around the river.

This game has been tested on different phones.

This game is a result of two months no-stop working, but we don't claim that it's perfect. That's why we are awaiting your comments and replies to improve this game and our other products.

Thanks in advance

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