WhatsApp Files Manager+Hiddener

WhatsApp Files Manager+Hiddener

Version 2.1
Active installs

Name of God
Watts-up to hide the file management +
** But we solved the problem and the plan must be updated to version 2.1 to have no problem. ***
I say again, if you've downloaded the program, you get a free update to use without problems.





* was * Software update
Now update and install the new version.

Changes in version 2.1:
-Hl Problem showing photos in the gallery after hiding again (on some phones)

Version 2.0 features:
-Amkan Encryption program (application users)
-Kmy Cosmetic changes

See ***



Please read the description of the problem comes Taakhr.

Is there Shmahm these things before coming?

-Dqt're Sometimes Watts Gallery Dstgahtvn photographs and films not shown-up as well?
Are far from Watts-up pictures of family and familiar Shame that they might go into the gallery and Ksarv you see?
Are you looking for a song that was downloaded from the Watts-up, but find it hard Vastvn?

-Asla Do you know you look at the photos that you store the profiles of others only looked after but not normal?

Do you know-and even music, movies and photos you send the phone you were saved? And when someone put a What?

I was comfortable with the program and do not worry cartoons.

Because program files Watts Tmaaaaam-up, including:
And received only see profiles
Send and receive pictures that you
Tracks received and sent
Movies that you receive and send

And all essential just to show you?
No. Harrow wanting to fly can even hide files, delete and share.

These files and folders can be packed and every single folder and delete hidden.
And hidden files that have the Brgrdvnyd.

Now this software is available free and low volume!
How to use the program inside the program explained.

To know that the comments, criticisms and your five-star makes our spirit, and add new features to the program.







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