Zij Accurate Calendar

Zij Accurate Calendar

Version 1.6.1
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  • Playing the Athan with the famous Voices 
  • Advanced 5-day weather 3 hours per hour for any desired city (Powered by Open Weather Map)

  • Play alert before the Athan  

  • Advanced alert settings for Athan 

  • Database containing thousands of cities and geographic locations of Iran and other parts of the world 

  • Advanced positioning but easy positioning 

  • Ancient events and Islamic Republic of Iran, lunar and international events 

  • Ability to search on the events of the month and year 

  • Ability to filter and separate events based on weekdays and holidays 

  • See the years at a glance with the official holidays 

  • Show religious occasions 

  • Add reminder to unlimited number 

  • Date converter 

  • Information about the moon and the sun along with beautiful graphic form 
  • Forecast for the crescent of the lunar month of Iran and around the world 

Due to the use of the criteria of the crescent of the moon, the Zij calendar in its calculations is very consistent with the lunar occasions in the solar system and will be a good response in sensitive lunar months like Ramadan and Shawal. It is also very useful for those who are looking for lunar actions such as Rajab, Sha'ban, Ramadan and Djil Hijah. 

"Zij" (the Persian word "Zig") means a book by which astronomers identify the nature and movements of the planet and the covacs. In the past astronomy, a set of tables, in which the quantities of quantities used to determine the position of planets, were Zig. The word Zij, in Middle Persian, means the Astral Table or Yearbook.

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