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. Hafiz

. Divination by the Qur'an

. dream interpretation

. Ghazals of Hafez

. Mathnavis

. Coffee

Namdra Iranian poet Hafez's ghazals collection and interpretation with Hafiz
Includes 495 sonnets with words
The cost of the program is a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad and
With the ability to share text

The program allows you to see all the ghazals of Hafez Shirazi Hafiz have been collected and interpreted them.

. Full and free professional dream interpretation

If you dream about something special you see is not necessarily what you see in the picture. Sleep with a man speak the language very symbolic. training related to the mysteries of life.

Would you like your coffee, but you do not understand? You're like espresso or left or right, but he not speak French?
Mydvnstyd all Iranians before they jump love tea, coffee Mynvshydn a long time ago? Ever the word "coffee house" did not think Boudin!

By this way you can prepare all kinds of coffee drinks that were facing learn and also after drinking coffee to help get the program yourself horoscope! Just go to the App horoscope and predict the events Yndhtvn!

Coffee is one of the most popular methods of divination and prophecy throughout the world using Thmandh coffee is drunk and has many fans. Consultants for the use of Turkish coffee after coffee, with the help of a bug that caused the accident in the bottom of the cup of coffee is to predict a person's lifetime.
With this program right now and after drinking a Turkish coffee just to get your horoscope!

It also has a history of coffee, benefits and risks, and included the use of coffee.

With this app a pleasure to drink a coffee and a hearty entertain yourself and your friends to help coffee gift to yourself and your friends

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