Life Skills (Special)

Life Skills (Special)

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Many of us in our lives and Rvabtmvn with Atrafyanmvn having problems getting very comfortable and we pass lightly from Knarshvn

It provides useful tips about life skills for young couples who just went under one roof and are not familiar with the peculiarities of each fully assembled and sometimes're faced with contention

(Ability to share training in the telegram. Line. WhatsApp. Instagram. Facebook, etc.)
Some of the graphs in the life skills program:
How to speak?
How we interact with others?
How can we best husband in the world?
Magic influence hearts
Five Principles for not being convince others
No ... What are friends?
Major errors in communication
Do not be afraid of marital discord!
Do not be shy of expressing love to your spouse
How seedlings to cultivate love?
How can you recognize true love?
What you should know about your spouse
Social skills training
Party conventions
Customs mutual
What do you expect of me?
You and your faith
Please do not die yourself into?
And ...

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