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Given the weak economic growth situation in the market and the weakening of the old and new businesses, we came to bring a lucrative and prosperous innovation to Iran and we could find a new way to start the economic growth of business in Iran.
The Dharma project is dedicated to people who can not work for others as employees and have a fixed income based on salary. The project explores and launches a step by step opening up of a new, low-capital investment.

If you want to set up a new and lucrative business with your own personal management in Iran, you can join the Dharma Project Group and start with 100,000 USD each investment with your own personal business, guaranteed in a full-fledged business world. Join the boom in Iran.

The way the project was implemented is to reverse engineer the earnings of dollars in Iran and receive money in the Iranian rial. Therefore, in this business, you can earn your dollar worth of dollars and spend on Rial instead of spending your valuable dollars. What we see now in Iran is the purchase of goods and turnover in Iran based on the dollar, which we reverse-engineer your revenues by converting your dollars and your costs to the value of the rial.

Note that you can use the telephony service - in person - non-attendance at the moment and 24 hours a day.

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