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Complementary Medicine

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Complementary Medicine

Pharmacists and complementary medicine

Background: A variety of different methods and alternative medicine (Complementary Medicine) and by people in different countries are more or less used. The use of these methods is increasing all over the world. In this paper, the main points are important and that pharmacists should know about these methods, pointed out.

A plant or herbal medicine (Herbal Medicine).

Herbal medicine, the use of plants and plant products in the treatment and prevention of diseases. (1).

Key points

2.darvsazan when advising patients about prescription medications must be prescribed by a physician of his previous history and use of herbal query.

3.tdady of herbal products, randomized and controlled studies, its efficacy has been proven and documented justification. For example, extracts of Hypericum perforatum (Hvfaryqvn) for mild to moderate depression, plant Jynkgv for "mental deficiency" (CEREBRAL INSUFFICIENCY) and garlic to reduce high concentrations of serum cholesterol, have been effective.

4.fravrdh plant, in spite of what is common and is often called, is not safe and may cause side effects. The number Azz unlicensed products that are available in the market, they also have side effects that are related to poor quality.

5.brkhy herbal products, potential drug interactions are common. Some of these interactions have been reported when taking sufficient care should be taken in this regard.

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