Protektoid, secure your device

Protektoid, secure your device

Version 2.1.3
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Protektoid&trade;  is an Android application that focuses on optimizing your device security and your  privacy .

Protektoid relies on
✔ a comprehensive UI which helps review and control permission assigned to your apps
✔ security mechanism that enhance your device security be for instance blocking undesired connections (right now, Internet connections) 

Other features are planned!

Actions on permissions

With Protektoid, you can

✔ Review application permissions          
✔ Trust permissions          
✔ Flag permissions you don't like          
✔ Disable application permissions          
✔ Get social recommendations          
✔ Uninstall un-trusted applications

By reviewing your setting and mark your permissions as trusted, you contribute to the social review of the android applications and the permissions they rely on. This also allows you to get automated and dedicated scores so that you can check how your phone is secure. 

Security indicators

These scores help you make the right decisions, thanks to 

✔ User indicators          
✔ Social indicators          
✔ Weekly security reports

More informations
Firewall features are detailed on
General features are detailed on

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