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"The" feed reader Young Journalists Club "in the shortest time to be up to date."

You can not have a chance only if there is no immediate or important news on your phone will automatically read the notifications are sent.
If only the dead time, for example, taxi, subway or bus this time was small and had the opportunity to "feed reader Young Journalists Club" when you are online and send you the news that you can do offline Meanwhile, the news will also review the possibility of choosing your taste can change the settings.

If your dead time was much more simply "feed reader Young Journalists Club" will open up for your offline all "of your news that you specify" no issues at all taken seriously by van to be saved.

And if you invest in the online environment also possible opportunity "yjc.ir" is categorized as news to you or any of your close interest you based on your preferences from news and sports to learn to read the news van and be informed .

Our effort is that if you're online, be informed of the most important news based on your interests if you even be online in the shortest possible time "feed reader Young Journalists Club" would give you the tools to keep up to date.

Some innovations and capabilities parts:
New plan to offer a new way to feel anger, happiness, surprise, sadness and .... to share your information with content.
Ability to send and share headlines and links to news stories via SMS and e-mail ....
Get latest public pulse
Sheets's any news to the next without returning Vjabjayy easily between different pages.
You can search the news in the online mode
Fixed a bug that in some repetition News Feeds smart.

Undoubtedly software problems that you inform us of these bugs can upgrade the software more quickly.
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Email: hrt1374@gmail.com
SMS: 5000291436

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