My Genius Kid (learn vehicles)

My Genius Kid (learn vehicles)

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This collection is a collection of my childhood geniuses designed and developed to educate the vehicles to your dear children, and it is safe to say that among its similar programs, in the market both in terms of quality and in terms of unrivaled impact Is.

In this program, your child will first be familiar with the pictures and the names of Persian and English vehicles through visual and audio through the flashcards in this collection.

The function of the program is that, in order to attract the child's attention in all of the flashcards, the vehicle,s cartoon images were first used to spell a cartoon image, the name of the vehicles in Persian (in Persian) and English (in English), and to Simultaneously with the dictation, it is visually familiar. By pressing the name of the vehicle, there are also real vehicle pictures that are of great importance to the full and principle familiarity of the child with the vehicles. Another interesting feature of the game is the game with images and vehicles in an environment with graphics and music. finally, on the other hand, questions asking vehicles in English and Farsi to be pronounced and displaying cartoon and real vehicle pictures in an attractive and influential figure of the vehicle, which plays a role in the complete stabilization of the images and the names of the vehicles in the memory of the child

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