Yasa Pets Village

Yasa Pets Village

Version 1.6
Install +100 K
Category Kids
Size 26 MB
Last Update 2024 March 2
Yasa Pets Village

Yasa Pets Village

Yasa Ltd
Version 1.6
Install +100 K
Category Kids
Size 26 MB
Last Update 2024 March 2
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Welcome to Yasa Pets Village, a fully interactive world of fun! The first location in the village is now open and ready for you to visit … an adorable family of bunny rabbits is waiting for you to drop by and play with them in their home!

Yasa Pets Village is totally FREE to play !!

**** Available Now: The Bunny House! ****

Features include:

* Explore two floors of this fully featured play house!
* Play with three generations of this adorable family!
* Collect hidden stars to get special prizes!
* Answer the door to receive fun deliveries!
* Discover a variety of toys and outfits to play with!
* Enjoy a family meal fresh from the fully interactive kitchen!
* All of the bunnies love trying on new outfits!
* Get our friends ready for bedtime with a nice warm bubble bath!
* Sleepy bunnies can be put to bed after a busy day!

LIVING ROOM : In the lounge there’s a comfy sofa to sink into while watching television and eating carrots with the whole family!

KITCHEN : A fully working kitchen with a fridge full of food for all our friends to eat. Including their favourites like fruit, ice-creams and especially carrots! Make delicious hot apple pies in the oven.

ENTRANCE HALL : This is where everyone goes when the doorbell chimes … what will it be? A present from the postman? Some tasty food from the grocery store? Or maybe a delicious pizza to share?

LAUNDRY ROOM : Here our family stack the dirty laundry up beside the washing machine! They also store extra presents from the deliveries they receive!

BATHROOM : Upstairs the bunnies can relax in a hot soapy bubble bath or brush their teeth before bedtime.

2 BEDROOMS : Sleepy bunnies love curling up in their warm beds after a busy day eating carrots and watching TV!!

Coming Soon:

* More fun locations to visit!
* Lots of adorable new animals to play with!
* Tons of new foods to feed your friends!
* Extra costumes, toys, activities and much, much more!!


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