Floof - My Pet House

Floof - My Pet House

Version 10.0.5
Install +500 K
Category Simulation
Size 144 MB
Last Update 2024 March 22
Floof - My Pet House

Floof - My Pet House

Version 10.0.5
Install +500 K
Category Simulation
Size 144 MB
Last Update 2024 March 22
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Your search for cute animal games ends here! Welcome to the cute rabbit, puppy & cat virtual animal games! Adopt a cute virtual animal family and watch your babies grow! You can adopt a cat, a bunny, or even a puppy! Decorate their house and play puzzle, adventure, cooking, dress up kitty, rabbit & puppy games!

Take care of your virtual rabbit, dog & cat pet family in these virtual animal games - feed them, make them go potty, bathe, dress up in cute clothes, and play cool mini games with your pets!

Cool Animal Games Full Of Rabbit, Puppy & Cat Virtual Pets

- Play cute creativity and imagination-enhancing animal games!
- Develop attention and memory skills!
- Have fun and win trophies!

Adorable Virtual Pet Care & Animal Games

- Put your virtual pet family to bed when tired!
- Bathe virtual pets and take them potty!
- Fill dog, kitty & rabbit bowls when pets get hungry!
- Take care of your virtual pets in a pet world & make sure they’re happy!

Virtual Pet Dress Up

Have you ever seen a puppy or a kitty in cute outfits? There is nothing cuter!
- Dress pets in cute clothes!
- Pick cool puppy, kitty & rabbit accessories!
- Style your pets to look cool in this cute pet world!

Would you like to adopt a cat? A bunny? Or maybe a puppy? Ready to adopt and take care of cute animals, create your perfect pet world, and play cool mini dog, rabbit & cat animal games for kids? Download and have fun with each & every one of your virtual pet & have fun in a virtual pet world!

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