Fast Wireless Walkie Talkie Pro 2019

Fast Wireless Walkie Talkie Pro 2019

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Fast Wireless Walkie Talkie Pro 2019 you communicate from others quickly. you can your communication between Multi devices(Two or More) at distances of WiFi signal without using an Internet connection or a cellular network.

Fast Wireless Walkie-Talkie 2019 will easily be used by any user,who wants to talk to his/her friends having same network connection.

This Application does not require Internet for working,it just needs same network connections to two devices to work,

By Using this Walkie Talkie Application,two or more users can easily talk to any one at any time,

Does not require internet or mobile network connection, use any available WiFi hotspot or create a mobile access point on one device and connect all other devices to this access point.

- It supports running in the background as a receiver with minimal battery usage (you can hear you friends while device is locked)
- Devices find each other by NSD (aka Bonjour or ZeroConf), no any configuration required. It just works.
- Fast and Efficient Communication

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