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The exponential growth of communication and information owing to the epoch-changing development of the internet, related information tools and systems has created a global environment in which our age is engulfed in massive reams of information.

Facing such an ocean of information, organizing and selection of data, separating important news from trivial events and classifying the same, now plays a major role in the rapid and efficient exploitation of information. Assigning this crucial and sensitive task to entities whose job is procuring and screening of information not only helps individuals and companies in saving time but it also reduces their financial costs. Dadegozin, with respect to procurement of commercial and economic information, is the product of one of such data-organizing entities.

The primary version of the Dadegozin software was designed in 2009 in the Arman Iranian Legal and Economic Institute. The object was to prepare an internet information system to free managers or any other persons interested in legal and economic information from surfing the web. The aim was to create a situation wherein users would no longer need to organize an in-house, high cost unit for procuring and saving of news and information.

With regard to the rich data base of the Institute, a team of experienced and diligent mass media experts and jurists are working day and night and regularly post financial and commercial news, social security and labor and tax developments, laws and regulations and related bylaws, foreign exchange rates and the like to Dadegozin so that the user can get access to the updated and latest economic news and information at any time and from anywhere. Utilizing such low-priced software can create a significant leap in the business of the user.

Dadegozin has been also been marketed as a mobile application known as Fara Dadegozin. The application includes samples of the material available at Dadegozin. Have a look at that and if you are interested in a full subscription contact us at Unit 11, First Floor, Corner of 50th Street, Yousefabad, Tehran or through the email info@armaniranian.com and phones (021) 88626514, ( 021) 88626529, and (021) 88626531.

Lawyers, businesspersons, financial officers, and human resource managers of companies and firms will need and be pleased with the services of Dadegozin

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