Voice Changer & Sound Effects

Voice Changer & Sound Effects

Version ۴.۰.۲
نصب +۱ هزار
Category ابزارها
Size ۱۱ مگابایت
Last Update ۱۹ تیر ۱۴۰۳
Voice Changer & Sound Effects

Voice Changer & Sound Effects

Version ۴.۰.۲
نصب +۱ هزار
Category ابزارها
Size ۱۱ مگابایت
Last Update ۱۹ تیر ۱۴۰۳
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More Info

Turn your boring moment 😟 into a lot of fun 😍 with our free and cool voice changer, audio editor, and sound recorder app 😇 .

🔷Voice recorder 🎤 & sound editor 🎙️ helps you to record voice and change it to lots of fun and amazing effects. With our perfect voice changer, audio recorder app, you can record any voice and apply several fantastic sound effects to generate fun and also can customize it by adjusting many modes available.

🔷Sound recorder & voice editor not only give you the ability to change and edit your audio track into beautiful modified version, but also help to save and share it with your friends.

Enjoy your 📱 phone ringtones 🎵 and notifications 🔔 with your own generated voice!

🔷There is a cool “ringtone maker” feature provided in voice changer, voicemod to set your saved files 📁 as ringtones. Besides, sound editor, audio recorder can set your audio files as notification sounds. Apply background music 🔀 to your amazing and funny voice recordings. Super voice changer & professional voice editor help you pretend 😜 sick 🤒, in shopping mall 🛒, airport 🛂 or train station 🚉 in tricky way.

Key Features 📋

🖊️ A free and amazing audio editor and voice changer with effects 💬.
🖊️ Simple and attractive voice recording app with user friendly 😇 interface.
🖊️ Funny sound changer effects for your original new and pre-saved audios in phone 📱.
🖊️ Custom modes for all recorded tracks.
🖊️ Voice recordings can be set as ringtones 📞 and notifications 🔔 by just one click.
🖊️ Easy to share audio sounds with your family, friends, and colleagues through multiple channels.
🖊️ No internet connection is required to use this app.
🖊️ You can purchase premium version of voice editor for recording app to get advance features.

How to use voice recorder, sound editor?


👉 Open voice recording app.
👉 Tap 🎤 to start recording. Say something to record. Click on 🟥 to stop.
👉 You can choose✖️ to discard, ▶️ to play recorded sound, and ☑️ to apply further sound effects and voice filters.
👉 Select any of the 20 amazing and funny available voice effects 🗣️ (funny, baby, alien, echo etc.) for your audio track.
👉 Customize and adjust audio effects 📢 with many pro modes (pitch, frequency, echo, distortion etc.)
👉 Very cool background music 🎵 feature is ready for you. Enable it, adjust sound distance, sound type (airport, laughing, shower etc.) and enjoy the voice track.
👉 You can either play the track ▶️ directly or save it 💾.
👉 Choose “Gallery” tab to edit or change voice and apply sound effect to recordings already saved in your phone.
👉 You can delete recordings 📁, set them as ringtones 📞 or as notifications 🔔.
👉 Search, select, & play all recorded voice tracks in “Saved” tab.
👉 You can use the application in your preferred language by changing it in the “Settings” menu.


🔷Grabadora de voz is one of most used applications using in many countries. It is a perfect app for cambiador de voz con efectos. Gravador de voz, audio editor, voice changer helps turn your sad moment into super fun.

🔷Record, edit, apply effects, and share your 录音 through our easy, perfect, and amazing free voice changer, audio recorder, and sound editor app.

🔷Apply beautiful and funny effects with amazing background music to your audio with our cool audio editor and voice recorder application.

Don't forget to rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on our awesome super voice recorder app. We always appreciate your suggestions and comments.

Enjoy and keep using our app 😇😍👋.

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