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Chess rules

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Hi Dear The program of professional principles that can be used on photo to a friend taught them very useful . The training consists of 8 chapters that are very strong and informative content is located .

Learning the basics of chess rapid improvement of the ability of a player beginner to advanced and professional players followed Vdstyaby technical skills make this game possible ; otherwise, a novice player to learn the fundamentals changed to rank higher should play plenty to do to realize their importance .

Vocational training chess is actually a shortcut that any interest in a short time with the basic concepts and principles of chess connects inevitable. On the other hand, a player who is not familiar with the basic concepts and principles do not understand extract the original game and it will play a more public spending to focus and logical thinking. About the consequences of the manufacturer of chess and its impact on the performance of rational people in different age categories of books and literature that more can be learned, it can be noted that at the moment is that many differences between chess Commons and technical chess This collection tries to make up part of the difference.

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