The journalist adalatgostar

The journalist adalatgostar

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Pro Tip journalist Lawgiver in order to provide legal issues in various legal trends in multi-section design.
Includes the following sections:
1-point civil rights
2. Trade Legal Notice
3. Legal Notice Code of Civil Procedure
3. Criminal Law and Criminology Notes
5-point Code of Criminal Procedure
6-points Warcraft
7 is the latest legal news

8-shop law

This software is to improve the knowledge of lawyers and judges Vsrdftry exam candidates MB in senior designers design plans all-day program of Legal Notice's very useful to prepare volunteers to test day is to be published online Nmayd.kafy get the latest tips on internet connection as well as the most recent legal news related to people's trials and legal related news to be released.
Thanks Njmayy Ashkan Attorney Bar Association Kerman

Design and development of this application by Mr. Ali Njmayy lawyer Kerman Province Bar Association. All rights reserved to the author.

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