Tehran Gold, Jewelry and Coin Union

Tehran Gold, Jewelry and Coin Union

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Application of Prices is a tool which is used to provide latest prices of gold, coin, currency, dollar and related prices and indexes in Iranian markets on a daily basis. The tool offers most accurate and comprehensive data base on prices of products in Iranian markets and can be considered as a mirror which highlights all events and developments of Iran’s economy. 


1. Gold in Interior Markets

2. Coin in Interior Markets

3. Dollar in  in Interior Markets

4. Currencies in Interior Markets

5. Currencies Markets

6. Stocks Markets

7. Commodities Markets 

8. Exchange rates

9. World Spot Price

10. Oil & Energy

11. Precious Metals

12. Base Metals

13. Tehran Stock Market

14. Global Markets

15. Major Indicators

16. Gold Ounce

17. Silver ounce

18. Platinum Ounce

19. 4Palladium Ounce



1. Gold and Coin News

2. Currency Market News

3. Oil and Energy News

4. Finance News

5. News of Housing and Construction

6. Auto News

7. Banks and Insurance News

8. Manufacture and Trade News

9. Prices News

10. General Economic New

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