Create Music and Beats - DJ Pad: Easy Beat

Create Music and Beats - DJ Pad: Easy Beat

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Our App makes writing music easy! Create your own music and beats. Creating music wherever you are with EasyBeat. The beats will add a special rhythm to the sound.

EasyBeat is the only simple music creation app that expresses your musical talents.

• An extensive library of the highest quality and most fashionable sound packs in the launcher.
• EasyBeat launchpad allows you to create your own, unique compositions.
• Hip-hop, EDM, Trap, FutureBass, SynthWave and much more.
• Step sequencer mode allows you to make music in real time and compose music for yourself.
• Manage sound effects in life mode • Drum pad mode allows you to create your own beats and Drum pad melodies.
• Save your music to your phone or share it in social networks.
• A convenient and intuitive interface allows you to create your own beats.
• Training, tips and ease of use, this is a new generation drum machine.
• Built-in metronome and BPM control for better performance. The simple and functional Easy Beat application is well-suited for professional DJs, rhythm developers, music producers, and for music lovers. Allows you to write music and make beats anytime, anywhere!

EasyBeat is easy for beginners and 100% functional for professional musicians!

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