SingAlong - Sing your passion

SingAlong - Sing your passion

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SingAlong app is best suited for aspiring singer and voice artist who wan to create great music.

Select you favourite karaoke or background music. SingAlong's built-in AI will analyse  your karaoke audio and suggest lyrics for it.

SingAlong will also fetch lyrics from server to help during singing.

SingAlong provide following awesome audio enhancement filters.

- Equalizer
- Echo
- Reverb
- Sync vocal and karaoke
- Studio filters
- Change Vocal & karaoke track volume
- Pitch
- Chorus effect
- Mange track playback speed.

You can save your recording below formats.

- MP3: used world wide
- WAV: For best quality
- AAC: Latest industry standard

SingAlong come with configurable audio recorder.
Select recording parameters best suited to your device.
- Change Audio source
- Change audio quality
- Change audio channel

Share your best recording with world and let world know artist within you.

You will be amaze how your singing can be so melodious and awesome.
Install and check yourself how awesome you sing with SingAlong.

User feedback are always welcome. If you face any issue, please let us know. We just touch away.

We wish you great future in your singing passion.

Sing, Sing Edit , Share and be known

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چجوری کار میکنه؟؟؟ 🤔🤔🤔
کاربر بی‌نام
veri good👏👏👏👏
علی اصلانکش
خیلی خوب و عالی ممنونم.. تو اون یکی گوشیم داشتم خیلی ب دردم میخورد تو این گوشیم زدم کار کرد ولی بعد ظبط نمیشد الان دیدم بازار دان کردن کار کرد کلا خیلی خوشحال شدم.. تنها برنامه ای این مدل و رایگان ممنونم ازتون
عالی فقط از اون خواهش دارم،،،،؟؟؟؟میشه برنامه های خوبی درست کنید ممنون میشم واقعا 5ستاره هم کمه
عاااااااالیه ولی چجوری ذخیره کنم ؟