Truck Builder Auto Repair Mechanic Simulator Games

Truck Builder Auto Repair Mechanic Simulator Games

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You’ve played real car builder games or car maker games, now build trucks in car factory. Get promoted from car mechanic to a real truck manufacturer tycoon to custom build euro truck, american truck and 6x6 offroad truck. Play the latest Truck Builder Auto Repair Mechanic simulator games for the most fulfilling experience of working as an auto builder in car garage.

Utilize your car mechanic games skill for real truck building as truck mechanic in auto repair games. Grab auto repair toolkit, put on the auto mechanic suit and head to car garage in auto repair games. Play as the best mechanic in town, start working in truck builder workshop to assemble euro truck from scratch in truck builder games. Start building your desired euro truck or American truck. Ready new custom truck for cargo transport in truck simulator games. Build multiple trucks in auto mechanic workshop and test drive trucks to gas station for refiling fuel in truck games.

Drive and park truck at highway service station for repairing and fixing in truck mechanic games. Stop at truck assembly line and assemble all truck exterior parts to weld the frame by using welding nozzle, then attach doors to the truck body. Design customize 6x6 wheeler truck for your customers in auto mechanic service station. Learn the entire truck building process. It starts with truck chassis and load on to the assembly line. Dip the auto chassis in base paint and then use welding nozzle for welding the 6x6 jeep truck body. Load heavy duty vehicle engine unlike car mechanic games or car maker games. Do truck upgrade in auto repair workshop in truck simulator game.

Key Features of Truck Builder Auto Repair Mechanic Simulator Games 2019:
Learn complete truck building process & real auto mechanics
Custom paint trucks with color of choice in auto paint shop
Use automatic robot arms to assemble all truck components
Custom build truck engine and take a test drive on city roads
Realistic sound effects and amazing truck manufacturing details

Enjoy the best experience of truck mechanic & car builder games. Download now and enhance your workshop mechanic skills in the best Truck Builder Auto Repair Mechanic Simulator Games 2019.

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