Carpenter Furniture Shop: House Wooden Craft Maker

Carpenter Furniture Shop: House Wooden Craft Maker

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Welcome to carpenter furniture shop game where you will get to design, craft and decorate the home usage wooden items like bed, tables, cabinets, chair and closet. Little wood worker! Join the carpenter shop and craft the most elegant and stylish furniture. Unleash your repair, cleanup and maker skills to build customized wooden items for customers coming from the town. Now play this best repair games and builder games to experience the real simulator of furniture maker in best way.

Open up the popular shop to serve the customers. Take furniture items order and try to complete each order as soon as possible. Before starting the crafting first gather enough wood to build the furniture for house use. Go to the forest and cut trees with saw machine then load wooden logs on the truck. Transport the wooden logs to the furniture factory, chop the logs in slab form to use it for furniture making.

In this furniture maker factory game all the machine and tools are available so start the work. Factory worker! First mark the wooden sheets with the design of furniture you want to make. Cut the sheets and then use nails and hammer to join the parts to customize a bed, table or a house closet. After completing the crafting part take the items from factory game to shop. In shop use sand paper to clear the layers and apply paint colors. Furniture decoration must be done according to customers design. After completing the decor pack the furniture in best boxing to deliver it safely. Be the best home furnisher by providing awesome furnishings and increase your popularity.


- Make bed, table, closet and chairs for customers
- Design, craft & decor with multiple tools
- A lot mini games for entertainment
- Best builder game with fun mini games.
- Paint the furniture as per order.
- All items are unlocked and free.
- You can play this game offline without wifi.

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