Jetski Water Racing: Riptide X

Jetski Water Racing: Riptide X

نسخه ۱.۷
نصب فعال

Become the jet ski daredevil you always wanted to be!
In Jetski Water Racing: Riptide X you will be racing on the strongest powerboats!
Reach impossible speeds and perform the most challenging stunts on your jet ski.
We are bringing jet ski games to a new level! If you like impossible car tracks games then you will love our newest game Jetski Water Racing: Riptide X for sure!

Race on the water and be days gone!
Finish all the challenging jet ski games tracks and unlock all the fast powerboats with their own unique features. In our jet ski water racing games you will be able to unlock 4 unique maps.

Get in love with the stunning jet ski games graphics. Download and play our amazing jet ski games and be stunned!

Jetski Water Racing: Riptide X - Key Features:
✔ Unlock 4 unique maps
✔ Unlock 8 stunning jet skis
✔ Unlock 40 challenging stunt tracks
✔ Perform amazing stunts mid-air
✔ Amazing sound effects and in-game graphics

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