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Unfortunately, having the wrong information about the principles of diet and weight loss, and of course myths about it, make dieting and weight loss all more difficult. Here we want to share with you some of the misconceptions that weight loss programs are no more difficult for you than you do not bitter the path to life.

Obesity is not a disease or a specific cause, but several factors contribute to it. Genetic factors, endocrine discharges, psycho-psychological factors, and environmental factors play important roles in the development of obesity.

Tannab app, a result of the developer's day-to-day efforts, contains important and effective ways and tips to get you to your ideal weight and prevent your overweight.

This program has attempted to collect the effective and up-to-date information from the reputable sources such as wikipedia.com, healthmag.ir, itnessmagazine.ir.

Hope you get the ideal weight by using this app's information and effort.

Success is the result of a correct diagnosis; a correct diagnosis is a result of experience; experience is often the result of a false diagnosis.

Mehrab Najaeinejad

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