arosak sazi ba khamir

arosak sazi ba khamir

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in the name of God

The first comprehensive pulping program

With this program, we promise you to fully learn the art of pulp and make beautiful dolls of necklaces, earrings and ...

Training is step by step

Everything we try to do is make it easy for you to love this lovely art

This art can be a source of good income other than being an art

Adam needs to be creative and upright. He does not have the same weight. This app is for everyone

It's from an old age that they say that Adam must have art at all times

So come here I'm a fine art

This is the 4x section of the special section that I will now explain

Part One: Early education is a good one

This section teaches you how to make different types of dough and chalky dough and grains in stages

Part II: Professional training

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make dolls, diamonds and dolls, and so on, so it's easy to make what you want with these tutorials.

Part III: Photo Gallery

In this section photos of the types of dolls made are laid

Part IV: Educational Photo Gallery

In this section, there are also educational pictures (dolls' pictures with the build)

With this program you can make fine art of dough and make a variety of dolls and dolls, and get .....

Or you

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