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The most complete audio and video audio installation program

Learn how to install the iPhone

Become a professional

Just install and install your iPhone and iPod touch tutorials and tutorials several times.

Instruction for installation and troubleshooting of audio and video

Video tutorials step by step from the beginning to the end of the installation of various video audio.

Cover all stages of work including:

Basic familiarization, installation of cans, wiring of all parts, operation, installation, and comprehensive troubleshooting.

App content:

Get acquainted with audio and video panels

How to install a built-in can

Audio panel wiring

Simulating a single video panel

Simulating a video panel above a unit

Video panel wiring

Instructions for installing the card

Video memory installation guide

In-phone hands-free installation

Cabling panel system wiring

Equipped with interconnecting wiring

Wired Smart Panel Wiring with SFF 726 Switch

Wired Smart Panel Wiring with 727SFF Switcher Security Doorman

Smart Panel Smart Camera with Camera

Mixed audio and video systems

Internal or intercom system

Install the remote control center

The necessary changes in the panel for operation with the SFF 728 converter

Troubleshooting and initial repairs on the video door


Designed in accordance with the latest Material Design Methodology

Compatibility with all versions of Android (2.2 and above).

Zoom in with Pinch Zoom and Pan

Advanced search in the app

Adding favorite content to the "affiliates" list.

Ability to transfer to memory card

Share the content in any other program

Screen settings, size and font type


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