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Roz calendar

Version 6.0
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Calendar, convert date and pole / simple qibla with call to prayer 

This application is in the calendar and diary category. 

One of the best and smallest calendars available on Android with convenient features. 

This calendar has a date converter, solar Hijri and lunar Hijri. In addition, you can use the qibla and compass with the ability to select the desired city or enter the longitude and latitude. Ability to display numbers in Persian, change the color in the shell and the appearance of the calendar, support two dark and light themes, display religious times, official holidays 97, display the day and solar, lunar and Gregorian dates on the device lock screen and widget on The home screen of the device is another feature of this calendar. 

Annual occasions and holidays 

Note: To activate the call to prayer, enter the settings, in the settings you can get your geographical coordinates using GPS. If this is not possible, you can select your city or province from the list from the "Location" section. Again, if your location is not on the list, you must enter your longitude and latitude. However, once your location is known, you will have access to the call to prayer and religious times appropriate to your city. 

You can set which call to prayer to be played on your mobile phone in due course. You can even specify that the call to prayer be played a few minutes before the actual call to prayer so that you are prepared for the prayer process. In this section, you can also adjust the volume of the call to prayer. 

The source of the program is free from the Persian calendar source to the address 

It has been forwarded and published in Gitab for free at the following link

If you use a source, you must follow the rules of the original source.

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