Status Saver , Story Saver

Status Saver , Story Saver

Version 1.2.0
Install +2 K
Category Social
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2021 October 18
Status Saver , Story Saver

Status Saver , Story Saver

funkylogic studio
Version 1.2.0
Install +2 K
Category Social
Size 5 MB
Last Update 2021 October 18
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If you are looking for an app which can help you save WA Story or Status of your friends. Story Saver application lets you download photo images, GIF, Video of the new Status feature of WA and WA Business Application and it also allows you to share media and repost Status from app to your friend.

Status saver for WA is here to help you download or share friend’s Story or Status. in just one click. You can save your desired image or video statues in your gallery or you can share with friends directly within the WA Status Saver app. WA Status saver has its own media player so you can play your desired video Status within app and also download or share those videos with friends. You don’t need internet to use WA Status saver app it is totally offline.

✓ See your desired Story or Status in simple WA or WA Business.
✓ Come back to Status Saver app. Click on image or video to view in full screen.
✓ Hold on a Status to Enable Multi Selection, Select "Save" from the Toolbar Menu.
✓ That’s it, now download or share your Story or Status with friends.

The Desired Status is Instantly saved to your Phone or Gallery go and check it out 😉😃

Key Features of Story Saver App
✓ View Saved Story and Status even after 24 hours.
✓ User-Friendly and Simple Design.
✓ Built-in image viewer for image.
✓ Built-in media player for video.
✓ Easily repost/share Status or Story.
✓ Easily download friend’s WA Status or Story.
✓ Application keeps your Saved Status or stories for future use.

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Probably a valuable 5 Star Rating 😁😃

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✔ Application is use to save the Story or save the Status directly from WA or WA Business. You can say the WA Status saver.
✔ The main focus of the Status saver app is to save the Story of your friend/family directly from WA.
✔ Story saver app to save your Status directly without asking a friend to share it with you.
✔ Download a Story saver application to download the Status of your friend or family member.
✔ Download Story saver application for free, The Story saver application is free to use.


1. Re-uploading image/video stories and is NOT encouraged, seek owner approval.
2. This application is not affiliated with WHATSAPP.
3. Any unauthorized download or reload of content and/or violations of intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.

This application is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp Inc.
We are not responsible for any type of reuse of the media downloaded by the user.

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