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Last Update 2023 September 15
Install +2 K
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Last Update 2023 September 15
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Gree + brings you a brand new experience for intelligent control,As a new official application software that Gree Develops specially for IoT era,it has the function of appliance management,intelligent control,etc.,which makes your life much easier.

Function introductions:
1、Intelligent products can be easily added into Gree ecosystem for intelligent management uniformly.
2、You can control the appliance at anytime and anywhere you like.
3、You can know the status of the appliance in real time and immediately.
Permission access
Providing the service requires optional access permissions as shown below. Even if you do not allow optional access, you can still use the basic functions of the service

Selective permission access

Location information
-Used to find and connect to nearby Wi-Fi when adding products to the app

Nearby devices
-Find and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices when adding products to the app

-Take a picture when modifying the user's avatar and attach it to the photo

Documents and media
-Selecting an album image is required when modifying the user avatar
-Required when downloading the plug-in page

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mohamad reza
mohamad reza
نصب کردم فوق العاده عمل میکنه ، دوستانی که نتونستن نصبش کنن دقت کنید ، شما باید با گوشیتون به کولر وصل شید و بعد کولر رو به وای فای متصل کنید طی مراحلی ، آموزش نصب رو تو گوگل سرچ کنید به زبون چینی میاره ولی کلیپ رو که دنبال کنید متوجه میشید چطور باید انجامش بدید
safyeh gharanjik
safyeh gharanjik
افتضاح کار نمیکنه
در قسمت انتخاب پسورد هر نوع کلمه عبوری انتخاب می کنیم نمی پذیرد