Strike the Can: 99 balls

Strike the Can: 99 balls

Version 1.1
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Amazing 3D Can Strike game with lots of levels to play on!

Aim! Strike! Knock Down! The target of the game is knocking down the cans with as less throws as possible. 

Simply aim at the cans and knock them down with the provided balls. The green can provides you with one additional ball. The red can will generate a spectacular shockwave and help you wipe out multiple cans.

Lots of challenging levels.
Realistic physics game engine simulation.
Amazing gameplay
Xtra Can (Green) - you will get Xtra ball
Explosive Can(Red) - when you hit this can an explosion will occur
Bomb ball - you will get a bomb ball which lets you to knock down as many cans with single strike

Enjoy playing all levels and try to achieve the best score!

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