Balls Breaker HD

Balls Breaker HD

Version 2.410
Install +2 K
Category Casual
Size 64 MB
Last Update 2024 April 13
Balls Breaker HD

Balls Breaker HD

Kasur Dev Studio
Version 2.410
Install +2 K
Category Casual
Size 64 MB
Last Update 2024 April 13
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⭐Balls Breaker is a classic logic balls game. Remove all balls, clear board, collect golden stars and unlock Worlds of bubbles.

⭐This balls game develops logical thinking. Every level requires individual approach. This bubble game is an exciting entertainment and brain trainer for children and adults.

⭐Some puzzles are simple and some will force you to think a little bit longer.

The most importart balls game features
✔️ Over 600+ various levels
✔️ Many Worlds to discover
✔️ Every level is different
✔️ Unlimited undo move
✔️ Powerups!
✔️ Beautiful, wood graphics
✔️ Various boards, balls and bubbles
✔️ Daily gifts and rewards
✔️ No time limits
✔️ No lifes! You play when and where you want
✔️ You can play balls without internet
✔️ If yu have problem with colors just turn on color-blind mode in the settings and have fun with balls game!

How to play?
Rules of this bubble game are very simple. Tap and match and least two adjacent same balls to remove them from the board.

Clear the board from the balls and receive 3 gold stars. Collect gold stars to unlock new amazing and challenging Worlds.

Collect many gold stars to unlock next levels faster.

Balls Breaker game is divided in to Worlds. Every World is different and has different bubbles in the boards. Thanks to that free balls game is much more interesting comparing to other similar bubbles games.

By default first World is unlocked.

Powerups or boosters

There are powerups in the game: PIN, LINE and COLOR. Powerups are charged during your play in balls. The more balls you will crash the faster you will charge and get your powerups.

PIN - use pin to crash single bubble

LINE - line booster removes horizontal line of bubbles

COLOR - the most powerful powerup. It removes bubbles with the same color

Revert or undo move

Sometimes when you play in bus, tram or in park you may crash bad bubbles. Fortunatey there is Undo move option. Thanks to revert option you can fix your mistake very easily and you will crash bubbles exactly the ones you wanted.

You can revert all your moves! This is very unique comparing other match 3 games.

💪 Free logic game
💪 Easy to understand rules
💪 Many various levels (currently more than 600! new levels are coming)
💪 Worlds full of color balls to break
💪 Really nice graphics and animations
💪 "Color blind" mode
💪 Custom designed music and sound effects
💪 Logic game for long evenings or.. just for a minute :)
💪 Unlimited undo move
💪 Rewards in game. Gifts help you in solving logical puzzles
💪 No lifes and no time limits
💪 Balls Breaker is simple yet challenging logic game

.. and more!

⭐⭐⭐ Now breaking balls is even smoother! ⭐⭐⭐

I hope you will enjoy my balls and bubbles game. I wish you happy balls breaking :)

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