Wi-Fi H10

Wi-Fi H10

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The Wi-Fi H10 App provides a friendly user interface to have media streaming and sharing on Android device while connecting the Wi-Fi H10 hardware to Android device via WiFi. After you store your favorite files in Wi-Fi H10 hardware, you can stream videos, have photo slide shows, listen to the music, and review the documents wirelessly by connecting Wi-Fi H10 to your Android device with the Wi-Fi H10 App operation. It provides the capability to support up to 8 users for media streaming together and to support the Internet access and email check while connecting your Android device to Wi-Fi H10 wirelessly.

Additional Features:
- Video streaming/Music playback/Photo play/Document review
- Background Music Supported: You can continue to operate your Android device while accessing Wi-Fi H10 for music play.
- Playlist Supported: You can select the multiple music files as a list to play.
- Photo Slideshow: You can select the multiple photos to have different style of photo slideshow such as ripple, cube, page up…and so on.
- Folder list and thumbnail view
- Upload files to Wi-Fi H10 from the local folder
- Download files to local folder from Wi-Fi H10
- Upload photos to Wi-Fi H10 from Photo Album of Android device
- Download photos to Photo Album of Android device from Wi-Fi H10
- Attach a file to the email
- Sort files by file type, file name, file size, and file date
- Search files by keyword
- Delete files wirelessly
- Set Wireless Password
- Change network name (SSID)
- Upgrade the firmware