Modi Jacket Suit Photo Editor

Modi Jacket Suit Photo Editor

نسخه ۱.۲۳
نصب فعال
عکاسی و ویدیو

-> Modi jacket suit photo editor app provides you best fashionable and casual suit wear. You can change your background also. You look stunning in modi suit with a suitable background. Background is like political event, functions, marriage event etc.
-> Modi jacket suit photo editor is a collection of political suits, modi type suits, casual suits, fashionable suits, marriage type suit etc.

1. Collection of different modi type suit.
2. Collection of different events related background.
3. Easily put and paste your face.
4. Erase unwanted background.
5. Cut your face as you like.
6. Set emoji and text on image.

1. Select the image from the camera or gallery.
2. Cut your face from your photo.
3. Select modi suit from the collection of suits.
4. Put the face on modi suit and set properly.
5. Change your background from collection of backgrounds.
6. If you like, set emoji and text.
7. Share with your friends and family.

-> Modi jacket suit photo editor app is completely free to download.

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