Man Casual Suit Photo Editor

Man Casual Suit Photo Editor

نسخه ۱.۳۹
نصب فعال
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=> Man casual suit photo editor app gives you best casual wear with more new features.
=> You can try best different suit wear to dress up with yourself.
=> If you wish to makeover for party type photo, try this casual suit.
=> You can try best casual and costly suit wear without buying all of them.

Steps of use:

1. Take a photo from the gallery or camera.
2. Choose suit image from different suit images.
3. Adjust your face on suit image.
4. Erase unwanted background using the eraser.
5. Set proper opacity with contrast.
6. Choose different background from your SD card or default background of this app.
7. Set different type of emoji and text.
8. Save your updated image in new folder
9. Share your image with your friends and family.

New Features:

=> Huge number of casual suit photo frame.
=> Different beautiful background.
=> Erase for removing background.
=> Different beautiful sticker with emoji.
=> Different style of text on image.

Man casual suit photo editor app is completely free to download.

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