Adventure of Brothers Penguins .

Adventure of Brothers Penguins .

نسخه ۴.۰۴۹
نصب فعال

We all remember the most cheerful moment we spent playing Penguin Brothers in our childhood

here is a refreshment of memory about that game it's a multi-screen platform game in which one or two players control a cute penguin fighting against the game's equally cute enemies.

It is a penguin brothers that uses bombs to attack the enemy. Because I accidentally get a bomb box and use the bomb inside ...

When you remove all the enemies in the field, you will see a CD-shaped key at the top of the screen. Boss evangelism also exists.

Please note that this game is just a remake from the old r Penguin brothers which is known by 天 天雷 (天 天 天) and 펭귄 브라더스 so its just service for the fans of the game.

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