Lock screen

Lock screen

Version 1.4.8
Install +100 K
Category Tools
Size 7 MB
Last Update 2023 August 29
Lock screen

Lock screen

smart mobile app
Version 1.4.8
Install +100 K
Category Tools
Size 7 MB
Last Update 2023 August 29
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This lock screen app has a beautiful lock screen with many photos
Personalize your lock screen

Create lock patterns to lock your phone
★ Create pattern for lock screen
★ Fast, simple, smooth, easy to use and very beautiful
★ Create image for button from your gallery
★ Create a separate image for each lock button, set photos on button in heart (for example: your wife, your husband, your flowers, your pets..)
★ You can add photos of relatives for the lock screen button in heart
★ Set your photos into buttons
★ A lot of beautiful wallpapers
★ Photo Lock Screen also allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery
★ Security: easy to set pattern password to protect your phone
★ Support your languages
★ Support almost phones and tablet devices
★ Consume less memory and battery

How to use:
Open application:
1. Activate lock:
+ Tick Enable lock screen
+ Create pattern (password)
+ Confirm pattern
2. change wallpaper
+ Click change wallpaper
+ choose wallpaper available or in gallery
+ Crop wallpaper and save
3. change photo
+ Click Change photo
+ Choose button to change
+ Choose image from gallery
+ Crop, edit image and save
4. change password
+ Click Change password
+ Draw old password
+ Draw old pattern
+ Confirm pattern
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