Maps All in One: Navigation, Radars, Speed Cameras

Maps All in One: Navigation, Radars, Speed Cameras

Version 2.8.1
Install +1 K
Category Maps & Navigation
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2021 May 12
Maps All in One: Navigation, Radars, Speed Cameras

Maps All in One: Navigation, Radars, Speed Cameras

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Version 2.8.1
Install +1 K
Category Maps & Navigation
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2021 May 12
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Maps All-in-one-Travel, Navigation and Radar app enables you to use maps and radar apps all in one shortcut application. Download maps app to use popular maps apps web view editions with this app together.

Find route using google maps, Yandex maps, Waze, Moovit or and more, you will find nearly 60 navigation applications worldwide.**

You can find most used speed camera and traffic radar applications and city and Street View web view an HTML version of the most popular map programs like Waze, Here WeGo, Sygic, City Mapper, and Osmand, etc.

- Beat traffic with real time traffic conditions
- Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real time transit info
- Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures
- Discover all the speed cameras, speed traps, radars, traffic light cameras and more.
- Navigate and receive real time speed cameras notifications.
- Speedometer - Receive warnings when the speed is higher than the speed cameras limit.
- Report and vote speed cameras.
- High coverage more than 40 Countries covered by speed cameras
- User-Friendly Design : easy, simple, lighter and smarter maps
- Fully Functional App, easily use radar apps
- Share with everybody through instant messaging clients and email
- Minimum mobile data usage
- Accurate carplay navigation indications on your route.

On the navigation category, you will find route planner maps and navigation solutions with Yandex Navigation, Uber, Lyft, Transit, Mapquest, Navmii, etc.

Last category contents are offline and topographic maps like google earth, land, and area calculation apps. All trendy popular offline maps and maps apps are here for a compact usage.

US maps and radar apps are in this application for you. You will plan your route easier and avoid traffic. Know the speed cameras , traffic radars , and save your money. Drive, ride, or park and walk.

Maps All-in-one-Travel, Navigation and Radar app all-in-one route tool. Find, make and share routes and export them to your GPS and navigation app.

Prepare driving directions for you to drive safer and faster, easier.
Directions to home, directions to job place, directions to your girlfriend, directions to the family house.

Location Map, Free GPS tracker apps to use easily with one app. Shortcuts will not make a mess on your desktop.

Maps online. Want to track location? Best location tracker apps for maps too. Get accurate and secure carplay navigation directions to find the safest itinerary.

Road trip planner, Get the route to find famous places in US maps around you using favorite map applications with 3d maps.

Learn your way with GPS driving route, find radar maps online, police radar , online maps 3d.

GPS map navigation, GPS route finder apps: GPS route finder. GPS route finder with voice navigation. offline GPS route finder.

Route Optimization. Navigation with voice directions is easier now for you.

You can use offline maps this will be fast and reliable. Offline search, GPS navigation along with optimized maps to effectively save memory space.

All of the maps all in one application is for home and travel using essential. You can plan your route easily with the most accurate carplay navigation tools.
You can use it as a trip planner. You can navigate to the home location.
You will find live maps, street view maps, live traffic. You will learn maps and directions by voice GPS locations.

A lot of maps are available, including road maps, radar, topographic maps, satellite maps and various layers that can be added over any maps.

Notice to users: This Maps all-in-one-Travel and Navigation and Radar app is not owned by a third party company, this app is a free utility app for maps, navigate, route planner and geographic maps, to have popular maps and radar in a unique application to use in an easier way.

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